Our Services

Surveys – producing detailed cad illustrations of your existing property, producing plans, elevations and
Sections. Generally used for conveyance

Planning – dealing with all aspects of planning from house holder, full plans, minor amendments,
discharge of conditions, advert consent ect.

Typical proposals will include extensions, new builds or change of use. The proposal will be submitted to the local planning department and monitored. The planning package generally includes existing and proposed drawings, site map, block plan and design and access statements.

Building regulations – a more detailed package compared to your planning, that includes blown up
details, specifications, sections, lighting, electrical and plumbing arrangements and much more which
complies with the approved documents and when requested NHBC. This package is a detailed
instruction manual which is presented to the building control team for their approval. Once approved the
package is generally issued for tender and is a form of contract and communication between the client
and the contractor.

Project management / contract administration – Taking responsibility for the overall successfulness of
delivering a project, reaching set targets both safely and in accordance to the architect’s specification.

Product design – I specialise in designing and manufacturing plastic, glass, metal, fabric and timber
furniture and other house hold items.

Fee strategies

We have 3 main fee methods that are very simple.

Fixed fee – I calculate the amount of hours and expenses required for that assignment, I present this in a quote and with a 3 stage payment programme.

Hourly rate – I invoice my client every 14 days for the amount of hours and expenses I have utilised.

Percentage – I envisage the whole project, allow for planning, building regulations and contract admin
and calculate a fee which falls between 10 to 20% of the overall contractual value. (see RIBA fee